Chinese for Adult

Regular Chinese

There are six levels of instruction from beginners to advanced.


Has little or no knowledge of the Chinese language and knows only a few basic words and phrases. Can’t understand the spoken language at all.


Can communicate using very simple phrases. Has limited vocabulary and understands a little conversational language.

Lower Intermediate

Can take part in a variety of conversational subjects using basic structures and vocabulary with acceptable accuracy. Can understand most conversation when conducted slowly and clearly.


Has better control of structures and a practical and useful vocabulary. Errors are still frequent. Demonstrates a good understanding of the language and abilities to get the gist of rapid speech.

Upper Intermediate

Wide range of structures used with fair degree of accuracy. Some typical errors still prevailing. Good overall comprehension and wide vocabulary.


Communicates very well using most structures accurately. Can talk about a wide range of topics using appropriate vocabulary and using some idiomatic language.

Spoken Chinese

The personalized learning solution is ideal for people who want to improve their spoken Chinese to be able to have a regular conversation in Chinese.

Everyday Chinese

This Course teaches you a wide range of practical Chinese language skills to help you confidently go about their day-to-day activities in the community. It will focus on improving your speaking skills, as well as practising grammar, spelling, writing and everyday Chinese expressions.


Private Lessons
Private Group Lessons